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Missouri City (Houston), Texas

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Vision Board Workshop: A Retreat for Women in Business

Friday, January 11th, 2019 from 9:00-1:00 pm near Houston TX


What aspects of your business and your life need revitalization? 
What do you want to create in 2019?
What are your deepest desires?
What will bring you joy?

I have created a Vision Board for myself every January for the past 19 years and I have led many workshops and retreats guiding participants through the process over the years. Every time, I am completely awed and inspired by what shows up through the power of collage.

On January 11th, invite your intuition and creativity out to play!  We'll indulge your imagination with a playful, reflective activity that will quench your inner thirst for creation. 

Using the fun of collage, the power of guided visualization and the wisdom of the community, you'll gain clarity about what elements would contribute to a revitalized 2019 for you and for your business!

This is an opportunity to meet in meaningful community, to enrich, witness, and support each other as we claim our goals and dreams for the coming year. You will surprise yourself with the powerful images and guidance that emerge from within!

No “talent” or experience is necessary for this simple collage process; all you need is a willingness to go within and trust the process.

 It’s a fun, easy way to:

-         get your creative juices flowing

-         introduce yourself to your intuition

-         focus on your goals and dreams for 2019

-         get support and encouragement from like-minded women


It's the perfect way to kick off the New Year! Register today!

Earlybird Registration by January 4th is $97 

Includes all activites and supplies and snacks.

Still not sure this is for you? Here's what previous participants have to say...

"Be prepared to be WOWed! Your energy and dedication was wonderful! I learned a bunch about what I need to focus on. And I was reminded to trust my instincts. Thanks for a wonderful way to start the New Year!" --- L.D.

"I've posted my collage in my bedroom - it is the first thing I see in the morning when I awake!  What a lovely way, to start my day and to inspire me during my morning prayers." --- T.C.

I had the opportunity to think about and feel what it is I desire for the upcoming year. You are full of energy and zest for life. Thank you! --- A.H.

"If you have never done a Vision Board this is the year to start!  It is fun and rewarding to watch the board come to life.  The process of allowing your intuition and psychic to work is very empowering!" - D.D.

Spend four hours thinking all about YOU and your business - your goals, dreams, desires and aspirations! You'll leave inspired, fulfilled and excited to create a wonderful year for yourself! You deserve to give this gift to yourself!

Sign up today!

Questions? Feel free to e-mail