Vision Board Retreat Jan 11th, 2019


Next SWIB meeting December 10th, 2018!

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Two Exciting Retreats to Help You Plan for 2019

Ready to go on Retreat?

Staff Retreats for Team Building and Professional Development

Teams and organizations that seek to be efficient, want to have fun, desire to grow together and want to learn new tools are great clients to work with Elizabeth. What are your team goals for the next year? Want to reward your team with some personal development play time? Elizabeth can work with you to design a program that is perfectly suited for your group.

Inspired Entrepreneur Retreats

Custom retreats for one entrepreneur or a group of entrepreneurs can help with business planning, visioning, marketing, systems, work-life balance and so much more!

Inspired Self Care Retreats

Self Care Retreats offer opportunities for busy, stressed out people to experience rest and renewal in an expansive way.  During each Inspired Self Care Retreat event, you'll be encouraged to dive deep and connect with your intuition, trusting your body's wisdom for helping you know exactly what you need every hour and every minute of each day. You'll also connect with like-minded women in community and experience a-ha's as stories are shared and ideas exchanged.

Custom Retreats

Have a group that you want to completely customize a retreat experience for? Elizabeth loves co-creating retreats to meet the needs of her diverse client base. This is great for milestone birthday celebrations, retirement parties, the transition into parenthood (for mothers and/or for couples) or simply for a bunch of friends (perhaps a book club) who want to retreat for a more intentional and meaningful connection with one another.

Not sure exactly what you need? Call Elizabeth today and you can figure it out together!