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Intuitive Coaching

Are you feeling stuck on a particular issue?

Perhaps you've tried to resolve it on your own but to no avail.

Sometimes another perspective, a different way of looking at things, is exactly what you need.

If you're open to receiving that guidance, I can help. 


If you are struggling with:

Career uncertainty

Relationship and communication issues

Business decisions

Parenting challenges

Death and dying, grief and loss

Health concerns

Questions around faith and spirituality

...Intuitive Coaching can help!


How it works:

1. Identify your issue. What are you wrestling with? What is frustrating you? What would you like clarity about?

2. Schedule an Intuitive Coaching session with me using the link below.  

3. Shamanic Journey. When I receive your registration, I tune in intuitively to your inquiry and I'll do a shamanic journey on your behalf. During the journey, I will see and experience several things that will give me insights into your situation. I may meet a spirit animal or spirit guide who is working with you. I may be shown symbols, crystals, colors or other information. I may receive a message for you from a loved one, a poem or holy scripture. There may be some questions for you to answer or their might be some suggested homework to do or resources to pursue (a book, a piece of music, a ritual to create, etc). Each journey is unique for each person.

4. Detailed write up of the journey. You'll receive a report via e-mail with as much symbology and imagery as possible. I will share some of my thoughts with you in writing but what matters most is how you receive the information. I bring the information forward and with your interpretation is where the healing begins. I'll do my best to send this to you a day before our session, but in some cases, it may be a matter of hours before the scheduled call that you receive the write up.

5. Intuitive coaching session. We'll hop on the phone together at the scheduled time. You'll have had some time to review the information and we can discuss how you can integrate the information you have received. Many clients experience big insights and clarity immediately and for others it may take days or weeks to process the new perspective. 


Yes! Click to schedule me now!

 $150 includes detailed write up of the journey and a 20-30 min coaching session



“Elizabeth is the real deal. I was astounded at the results of my journey. First, the session answered a deep question inside of me that I had never spoken aloud. The answer brought me great joy and hope. Second, the imagery in the journey was so intimately personal in my life and had significant meaning for me. This couldn’t have been a coincidence. When you combine the (journey) story with the images it was like a 3-D experience with multiple layers of meaning tying my past, present, and future together.” - C.O. marriage & family therapist, author, speaker

"Elizabeth, I wanted to tell you that the vision you saw in the journey has just come true. I am at the beach with a circle of like minded women healers. I steped into the circle to receive the healing and claim my power, just like you saw me doing. We meditated on the beach last night with a ceremony. It was amazing! Keep doing this work. " - C.F. interior designer, sent to me about 6 weeks after our session

"I have tried traditional talk therapy, coaching, and a whole lot of self help, but the journeys you've done for me have helped reach a deeper level than I've been able to with these more traditional approaches. I'm an academic and a natural skeptic, but I know and trust you so much as a person that I wanted to open myself up to this process. I'm incredibly glad that I did. Your ability to tap into the intuitive, the unconscious, the divine - whatever you want to call it - has helped me find so much inner wisdom and healing. Thank you." - D.C. author

"You're the perfect person to help someone who believes in church AND knows there is something more beyond what we can see...Your reading was spot on for me. Now it is several months later and I have finally extricated myself from the toxic work situation I was in and I am finally free! Thank you for helping me find my way." - D.M. musician



Why are you offering this work now?

Since my mom died in 2016, I've tuned in more deeply to my intuition for insight, wisdom and discernment. I've been shamanic journeying naturally on my own for years without knowing that's what it was called. I've had powerful dreams, insightful visions, crystal clear messages, and so much more. I now realize that this information is being given to me in my expanding role as a helper, healer & coach and it's time for me to share it with my clients. 

What is a shamanic journey?

It's a shift in consciousness accessed with the help of drumming that resembles being in a deep meditative state. Going into a journey with an intention can help you to gather information, promote healing and communicate in the spiritual realms.

How is this different from traditional life and business coaching?

Intuitive coaching is particularly helpful when you are stuck on an issue and need a new way of looking at it quickly. This approach offers deep wisdom, insight and perspective in just one session to help you gain clarity on a particular issue or problem that you are trying to solve.

Traditional life and business coaching is valuable when you need ongoing support and accountability. It involves a longer term relationship anywhere from 3 months to 5 years. (My longest running coaching client relationship lasted 9 years!)