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10 Things I'm Going to Experiment With This Year. How About You?

You know when it’s time to mix things up, right?

Two years ago, I knew it was time to give my business a bit of a facelift after almost 15 years as an entrepreneur. It was time for a refresh and an update. After some soul searching with my fabulous coach Jane, I rebranded my business and the word that found me to describe my new focus is “revitalize”. Revitalize means “to give new life to”.

I really love being The Revitalized Business Woman. I enjoy just saying the word! I feel revitalized! I’m revitalizing my business! It feels fresh, new and fun.

Language is powerful, isn’t it? It supports our intentions in how we want to show up in the world.

So, in that vein, I have chosen my 2016 word of the year to support the revitalization of my business and my life and that of my clients.

That word is EXPERIMENT.

I’m a creature of habit. Just ask my husband. He’ll tell you that I like the same restaurants, always order the same thing on the menu and I shop at the same clothing stores that I have for decades.

I tend to like the tried and true, the known, consistency and routine. So when the word “experiment” popped up for me two weeks ago, after some initial resistance (NO WAY!), I knew it was perfect. Not because it is comfortable, but because it will help me to try new things, get creative and think out-of-the-box...in all areas of my life.

 The best part about the word experiment? It feels like it gives me permission to try new things without attachment to the outcome. Meaning I don't always have to experience success. Or I don't always have to like the “new thing”. And I certainly don't have to stick with it.

When I attended the TedxHouston talks a few months ago one of the presenters was Michele Poler who embarked on a project -  100 Days Without Fear. She tried something new every day for 100 days. WOW! Watch her TED talk here. (The video at the beginning alone is worth your time!)

Now I'm not going to go that crazy (let’s be reasonable, folks!) but I am committed to experimenting in several areas of my business and my life in the coming year. I will share a few ideas below and hope that it inspires you to think about your own life and the ways that you might want to try experimenting this year.


I am going to experiment professionally by:

  1. Writing shorter blog posts
  2. Creating more videos
  3. Offering virtual retreats
  4. Interviewing subject matter experts as I'm writing my book
  5. Create new ways to increase engagement on social media (see below for my first experiment!)


I am going to experiment personally by:

  1.   Going hiking with my friends in a new-to-me part of Houston every other month
  2. Trying PiYo (a Fusion of pilates and yoga)
  3. Eating gluten and sugar and dairy again (Eek! More on that in a future post)
  4. Trying one new recipe or restaurant each month
  5. Taking Riley on a mommy-daughter girls trip


  And you? What are you going to experiment with this year? 

Leave me a note in the comments below and you will be entered to win a $5 Starbucks gift card! I will pick the person randomly next Monday.


Here’s to experimenting!



Five Mindsets to Ditch in 2016 (or Why Frozen's "Let It Go" is Still Revelant)


More than two years after Elsa and Anna, Olaf and Kristoff became household names, the movie Frozen’s most famous theme of “Let it Go” is still relevant… and always will be.  It’s about being who you really are by releasing any outmoded self-perspectives and limiting beliefs and embracing all aspects of your true nature.

In January of every year we all get excited. Fresh start! Clean slate! New beginnings! We set big goals and allow ourselves to dream big dreams as we think about how we want our lives to change for the better in the New Year. It can be a revitalizing time of year.

I am a big proponent of goal setting, vision boarding, journaling, retreats and other activities that help you amp up your life and your business and in positive ways. But before you do that (or at least concurrently) you’ve got to clear the clutter and let it go to create space to invite the new possibilities into your life.

Release the stinkin’ thinkin’, the bad habits and old patterns that held you back last year. It’s time to release anything that prevents you from being your bright, shiny, real and authentic self. The sooner you “Let It Go”, the sooner you’re on your way to living a more authentic life in line with your core values.


Here are 5 Mindsets to Ditch in 2016… Just “Let It Go”

1.  “Shoulding” on Yourself. “I shouldn’t have eaten so much chocolate over the holidays.” “I shouldn’t have yelled at my kid.” “I should have spoken up in that meeting.” Beating yourself up because you didn't handle a family, friend or client situation as well as you could have only serves to drain your energy.  Acknowledge the situation, make amends where appropriate (to yourself or to others) and Move On!

2.  “Hanging with the Cool Kids”. Relationships that no longer revitalize you aren’t worth your time. Perhaps it's time to resign from a networking group that isn't a good fit anymore. Or discontinue working with a certain type of client that is no longer your perfect customer. Or maybe it's spending less time with friends that you don't have as much in common with anymore. Spend intentional time with people you really resonate with and your heart will thank you.

3.  “The Disease to Please”. Too many volunteer activities can wear anybody out. While I’m very committed to the idea that we all benefit by volunteering some of our time, I also know that sometimes we overcommit because we think we “should” (see point #1) say yes or we feel we should be seen with someone else (see point #2).  Release activities that don’t bring you pure joy and you’ll feel relief immediately.

4.  The “Keep Up with the Joneses” Mentality. I’m not just talking about money, here, I’m talking about everything! The idea that what’s good for someone else is good for you too is not entirely true. Sure, we all do well when we sleep enough, eat healthy food, love God and our families and are kind to strangers.  But we are all so unique in our approach to life and when you start to follow your own path, it’s very freeing. Your business, your parenting style, your financial plans, your health care routine, your spirituality… none of it has to look like someone else’s.

 5.  The “Lone Ranger” Syndrome. It is time to stop thinking you can do everything yourself. You can’t. You’re not supposed to. We are social creatures and whether you’re building a business, raising a family or changing the world, we need to do it together.


Revitalizing action Part 1: Let It Go!!! Review this list and see if any of these need to be released from your life. Talk with your coach, your best friend or write in your journal about saying farewell to these limiting mindsets and see how much freer you’ll feel in 2016!

Revitalizing action Part 2: If you are looking for support and inspiration in inviting positive mindsets and abundant blessings into your life this year, I invite you to join me for one of two retreats happening this week and next!

January 8th - 2016 Virtual Business Planning Retreat (participate from the comfort of your own home or office anywhere in the world!) Put your professional plans in place for a Sweet ’16!

January 15thVision Board Retreat (local Houston peeps only) Create big magic (thanks Liz Gilbert!) by translating your goals and dreams to a vision board. It’s a fun and powerful process that can steer your 2016 in exciting ways!

Here's to Letting it Go!




Out with the Old...In with the New...Happy New Year!

I love New Year's Eve! Do you? It's one of my favorite days of the year (along with my birthday and Thanksgiving).

It’s a wonderful time to review your year – celebrate the highlights, learn from the lowlights and then say “bye-bye” and leave it all in the dust as the clock strikes midnight and you get to start all over again.

The New Year brings with it a blank slate, a sense of "anything's possible" and lots of hope and anticipation about the future. It feels fresh and new and squeaky clean!


Here are a few questions that I invite you to consider as we embark on the New Year.

You may want to pull out your journal and write down your observations,

or print this out and discuss with your partner, children or best friend.

 2015 in Review

  • What did you accomplish this year?
  • What challenged you this year?
  • What did you learn about yourself?
  • What are you ready to let go of?
  • What do you wish to bring forward into the New Year?

Looking Ahead to 2016

  • What is your theme for the New Year?
  • What specific goals do you have?
  • How would you like to FEEL in 2016?
  • What new experiences would you like to have?
  • What do you want to be celebrating on Dec 31, 2016?


Happy New Year! May 2016 bring abundant blessings to you and yours!



P.S. If you are looking for help or support in inviting abundant blessings into your life and revitalizing your business and your life, I invite you to join me for one of two retreats in the New Year…

January 8th - 2016 Virtual Business Planning Retreat (participate from the comfort of your own home or office anywhere in the world!) --- remember 12/31 is the last day to get the early bird discount!

January 15thVision Board Retreat (local Houston peeps only)