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Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Season’s Greetings!

It’s that time of year again… Holiday gift giving can be really fun but it can also be stressful if you’re not sure quite sure what to get your relative/friend/client. This is my fourth year for creating a holiday gift guide just for you. If you want to see previous year's recommendations, scroll to the bottom of the article! 

This year, I’m recommending 2 personal development experts, 2 inspirational gift art websites and, for those of you who know me well, books! (I *always* recommend books!)  As life seems to speed up, people appreciate less “stuff” and more “support”.  I’ve got some ideas that may make a big difference for you or someone you want to give extra support and love to!


The two personal development experiences I’d like to share with you are:

1.  Intuitive Coaching Session. Yes, forgive me the indulgence, but this offer is with yours truly. Since publicly offering my intuitive coaching services several months ago, I’ve helped people with a wide variety of issues: career transition, starting a new business,  generating financial abundance, helping children cope with grief and anxiety, marriage issues, relocation decisions and more.  What’s coming through is nothing short of remarkable… loved ones who have crossed over are sending messages, I’ve been able to help people reconnect with family heirlooms they had forgotten they had in their possession and healing is occurring on multiple levels. I’m in awe and so are my clients! I still have these sessions on my website at the introductory price (about half of a traditional coaching session) so snag one for you or a loved one before the price goes up in January!
2. Medical Intuitive Session. I read Rob Breszny’s Freewill Astrology Horoscopes each week for fun and one day, he mentioned having great success with Megan Caper, a medical intuitive that he’d worked with. I’ve struggled with health challenges for years and something about this recommendation resonated in my body with a whole hearted YES! I started off with one session but ended up doing a series. We worked on several issues, but the big one that has had lasting impact on my confidence (and proof that Megan is the real deal) is that my skin is clear for the first time in decades. I have struggled with adult acne my entire life. I’ve tried modifying my diet, skin care regimens, herbal supplementation and dermatology prescribed drugs. I’ve spent thousands of dollars over the years and I’ve worn way too much make up to cover up the unsightly blemishes. With Megan’s intuitive wisdom and amazing abilities, she helped to balance my system so that my acne is 90% gone! If you’ve got a stubborn medical issue, give Megan a call. She’s great! (And tell her I sent you!)


These two inspirational art websites are some of my favorite places for more unique greeting cards, inspirational sayings and small gifts:

1.  Applied Insight – I found this site through one of my favorite artists, Mary Anne Radmacher. I first discovered her when I lived in Asheville more than 15 years ago and even gave my husband a piece of her art as a wedding gift. I adore her style, her lettering and her inspirational sayings and within the past year, I became Facebook friends with her and was reminded of how much I adore her work. But when I started exploring this site, I realized they carry a variety of unique artists and I just know you’re going to love it!

2.  Emily McDowell Studios – Chances are good you’ve seen her stuff. Funny, irreverent and often with the perfect card for those difficult occasions (What do you send to a friend who’s found out she has cancer? Emily’s got the perfect cards!) She uses a bit of profanity (appropriately placed, IMHO) so if that’s not your thing, you might want to skip this one. 


The three books I’m recommending this year are all by people that I know personally – how fun is that?!

1.  Calm the Chaos Journal: A Daily Practice for a More Peaceful Life is my new favorite journal! My coaching client Nicola Ries Taggart is a life & leadership coach and she’s created a simple but effective tool to help you review your current day and mindfully set intentions for the following day. It takes 5 minutes to fill out each evening and is a great way to keep the pulse on how you’re doing with your self-care. Her journal is being carried by Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters or you can order online. Bonus: I love the fact that the dates are left blank and you fill in your own – so if you skip a few days or even a week, you simply write in the next date and keep going. No guilt for all those empty pages of missed days.  

2.  If you have a friend who is curious about the possible messages we can glean from our encounters with animals, look no further than Sarah Seidelmann’s The Book of Beasties: Your A-Z Guide to the Illuminating Wisdom of Spirit Animals.  I’ve done several coaching sessions with Sarah this year and I love how she weaves her life perspective as a former doctor, Martha Beck trained life coach and shamanic practitioner into her work. She’s a hilarious writer (I’ve read all of her other books, too! Swimming with Elephants, her memoir, is my favorite) and helps us to see the magic that is all around us if we simply pause and take time to look and listen.

3.  If you have a loved one who is into natural health and healing, you’ll love herbalist Melanie St. Ours’ The Simple Guide to Natural Health: From Apple Cider Vinegar tonics to Coconut Oil Body Balm, 150+ Home Remedies for Health and Healing. I worked with Melanie to support my health and healing for two years. She’s an expert in her field and has a gentle way of introducing you to seemingly “new” ideas that really help you get back to the basics. I imagine many of these suggestions were part of our grandmother and great-grandmother’s healing tool boxes but have been lost through the generations. This is a lovely gift to give someone!


So there you go! My seven gift recommendations for 2018 Holiday Gift Giving. But if you’re still craving more ideas, please check out my lists from previous years. You might just find the *perfect* gift you’ve been looking for. And if so, let me know about it, OK?!

In 2015, I suggested experiential gifts, books and more.

In 2016, I suggested sensory gifts and more books.

In 2017, I suggested artistic gifts and more books.

Holiday Blessings to you and yours! XO

P.S. For Houston area readers, if you’re looking to give yourself a gift of retreat, I hope you’ll consider joining me either Dec 7th for the New Year, New You Business Planning Retreat OR Jan 11th for the 2019 Vision Board Workshop!




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