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5 Great Reasons To Celebrate Life's Milestones


 If you follow me on social media, especially on Facebook, you know that I’m more than halfway through my #gratitudefestival15 in the month of August and I have to tell you that I’m having a blast!

Almost every day on Facebook (and sometimes on Twitter and Linked In) I’ve had a story or tribute or love note to someone who has helped to shape my business over the last decade and a half. Let me tell you, I have a lot of people to thank and I’m still not done!

So let me pause here for a minute to THANK YOU for reading this right now! Whether you are a past client, a current client, a future client, a fan, friend or colleague, I know that you are tuning in because you care about living a vital life and you understand that smart self-care is the secret ingredient for success in business and in life! So thank you for your contributions to my community and for being part of my tribe!!! 

I’ve always been a big fan of celebrating significant milestones in life.  Any excuse for a party, right? Graduations, weddings, new babies, new jobs/businesses, anniversaries, you name it…

Yet, when I hit the 5 year in business mark, I had just married Eric and I was all partied out!  Then, when I hit the 10 year in business mark, we were knee deep in fertility treatments and my focus was on creating a family, not worrying about my business.

So this year, when I hit the 15 year in business mark on August 1st, I just knew I had to do something to celebrate – and the root of that was the deep desire to acknowledge all of the supporters on my journey of entrepreneurship. You know it takes a village, right?

5 Great Reasons To Celebrate Life’s Milestones (including those of your business)

 1.  Everyone loves an excuse to party. People who like, respect and trust you want to celebrate with you. They don’t always want to be the one throwing the party, but they sure do like to be invited to them! It is human nature to want to gather in times of joy (and sorrow, too). Successful people celebrate the success of their friends.

 2.  It’s FUN! Plain and simple. Thanking people is FUN - they feel good, you feel good and it’s a slam dunk win-win! For the past few weeks I’ve been on a treasure hunt each day to determine who I want to thank next! It’s kind of like playing Secret Santa yet it’s not secret and it’s not Christmas!

 3.  Take a walk down memory lane. It’s cool to revisit your history and fondly remember the milestones along the way–whether it’s the evolution of a business (like my Gratitude Festival), the growth of a young person (high school/college graduation), the union of two people (a wedding) or the celebration of a successful career (retirement party). It’s neat to revisit the experiences that brought you to this milestone.

4.  Reconnect with people you care about. Life has a way of sending people in different directions, especially if you’ve moved a lot like I have (12 times in 25 years!) Having a milestone celebration – whether in person or virtual – gives the opportunity to reach out and catch up.

 5.  Focus on the positive.  Whatever you are celebrating, chances are good there have been a whole lot of blood, sweat and tears along the way to achieve your goal. Frustrations and failures are part of any successful venture whether it’s a business, a marriage or a marathon. So taking time to celebrate allows the lens to focus on all of the good and lets the more challenging parts of the road take a backseat.

Remember, gratitude is good for your personal health and it’s good for the health of your business.


Revitalizing Action: What’s your next big milestone? Whatever it is – big or small, personal or professional - I encourage you to plan a way to celebrate and honor yourself and your experience (Tell me about it here). You’ll get the happiness endorphins flowing and it will be a great boost for your health and well-being!


Here’s to celebrating!



Join my Gratitude Festival on social media as I share stories about the mentors, coaches and colleagues who have influenced my life and the amazing clients that I’ve had the privilege of serving through 1:1 coaching, group coaching, networking groups, workshops, trainings, retreats, speaking engagements and more. Come celebrate with me over on my personal Facebook page, my business Facebook page, Twitter (#gratitudefestival15) and on LinkedIn!  

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