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Holiday Gift Guide (8 great ideas!) for the Busy Professional Woman

It’s that time of year! Holiday shopping is in full swing and I’d love to share some ideas with you about how to shop for the professional woman in your life. Whether it’s your mom, your sister-in-law, your BFF or if you plan to treat yourself to a little something special this holiday season, here are a few ideas that will help any business woman feel revitalized.


Gift certificate ideas:

1.  Luxury spa service.  It’s a no-brainer but a relaxing massage or a rejuvenating facial is the perfect treat for a busy woman on the go.

2.  One night’s stay at a hotel.  No kids to wrangle, no partner to negotiate with, no pets to feed, no laundry to wash, no cooking to do… just 24 hours of honest to goodness alone time. (Sounds like heaven to me!)

3.  A few hours with a professional organizer.  Whether it’s a messy desk, cluttered office, or overwhelming personal space (garage or closets, anyone?), taking a few hours to clear the clutter does wonders for clarity and calm! (for my Houston area subscribers, I highly recommend Liana George and By George Organizing Solutions). 

4.  A few hours with a virtual assistant.  It’s amazing how just handing off one project can reduce tension. Hand off several projects and she’ll feel like she’s got tons of space and time to think, plan and create. My VA, Danielle Hoover, is the best!


Tangible gifts:

 1.  A meaningful book.  Remind her (busy women need to be constantly encouraged!) about the importance of rest, self-care and self-love. I’ve got five must-reads that I recommend for any woman. And I’ll add a sixth to that list which focuses on the self-loving gift of creativity – one of my new favorites, Liz Gilbert’s Big Magic.

2.  Inspirational card decks.  I buy many of mine from Hay House and right now they have some of my favorites on sale for only $5! They are small, fun and make great stocking stuffers!

3.  Beautiful (and functional) art work.  Support your local artisans. I’ve been a big fan of Tallahassee based Julie Guyot’s nesting bird bowls for years now. She recently was written up in Fine Cooking Magazine so she’s gaining national attention for her gorgeous work.

4.  Candles.  It’s amazing how lighting a candle makes you slow down, take a deep breath and be in the present moment. You can find these anywhere but some of my favorites are the gorgeous, divinely inspired Zena Moon candles with very personalized sentiments (authenticity, prosperity, claim your power, rest, serenity).

Here’s to holiday shopping that’s easy, meaningful and (relatively) stress-free!


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