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PLAY: It's Riley Friday!

Do you have a theme for your year yet? For the past several years, I've chosen a theme for my year. A word or a phrase to help guide me on my path both personally and professionally. I've had a variety of different ones including "community", "vibrant health", "prosperity" and "the year of the baby" (bet you can guess which one that was?!). This year, my theme chose me as I was walking on New Year's Eve. It just popped in and announced itself "PLAY! That's It! PLAY! That's your theme for the year!" and just as quickly disappeared.

You might think "of course her theme is PLAY. She has a one year old" but at first, this rather serious Capricorn was not very happy. PLAY? Who has time to PLAY? I have things to do - a baby to raise, clients to care for, a home to keep, family to watch out for. There aren't enough hours in the day. How can I possibly add PLAY to my "to do" list?

Um. Yeah. Exactly. That would be why PLAY was gifted to me as my theme for the year. :-)

Play isn't so much a "do-ing" as it is a state of "Be-ing". It's about fun and laughter and lightness and learning. When we play we are very present and in the moment. Be here now. Yeah, that. Good advice. (note the photo of Riley with toilet paper. pure bliss. in the moment.)

We're only a few weeks into 2012 but I can already tell that keeping PLAY in mind as my theme for the year is helping me be more present in many areas of my life. See what might apply to yours...

1. Time with children. It's easy to get distracted as a WAHM (work at home mom!) and get caught up doing work when it's my time with Riley. Keeping PLAY in the forefront of my mind reminds me to fully engage with her when we are together. Then when she's napping, I'm very focused at getting my work done. Do you work hard and play hard? Or are you all work and no play?

2. Cooking. Those who know me well know that I say I'm a terrible cook. But that's really not true. I'm OK. I'm average. But now that I'm infusing my kitchen time with PLAY (new recipes, letting Riley bang on pots and pans while I create) we're eating meals with more variety and having fun with our food! When was the last time you got creative in the kitchen?

3. My work. I've been an entrepreneur for 11 years now and one of my mottos has been "easy, fun and profitable". This year, I'm focusing extra attention on the FUN. I'm only working with clients I adore and doing work that feels 100% fulfilling. How can you make your projects more playful?

** side bar: Check out this website that a friend sent to me recently! A documentary about how vital play is to our health and happiness! Looks pretty fun! **

4. Time in nature. Now that Riley is walking, we are having a blast exploring the Earth. Grass and dirt and leaves and bushes and flowers and weeds! We spend time almost every day outside and we've been sitting on the ground. When was the last time you sat on Mother Earth and felt her support and embrace?

I invite you, dear Reader, to ask yourself how you can incorporate more PLAY into your life this year? Please feel free to share your ideas below!

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