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PRESENCE: It's Riley Friday!

This week, Riley is reminding me of the importance of presence. She's been whiny and cranky (perhaps another new tooth?) again and only settles in when I give her my full attention.

My complete, undivided attention.

Like this photo to the left, when she was barely a month old.

When was the last time you gave someone the present of presence?

Really, truly BE-ing 100% committed to sharing that moment, experience or conversation?

Children have a way of demanding that with you. I'll be honest that sometimes I find it annoying. But it's when my agenda involves preparing dinner, answering a client phone call and cleaning up the dishes - all at the same time.

And she's hanging on to my leg saying "Mama! Me! Me! Me! I want you to be with Me! Nothing else matters right now! Just me! And You! And Us spending time together!" (yes, that's what I've interpreted her clingy pleading wails to mean)

And when I can detach myself from my "to do" list and my "shoulds" and "expectations" about what I think ought to be happening at that moment and turn my full attention to her, that is when the magic happens. She says new words. We read gobs of books. She finds a new toy to play with and her face lights up.

I invite you, dear reader, to consider with whom you'd like to create magic. Go give them (and yourself) the gift of presence, and prepare to be wowed!


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