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Tooting Your Own Horn - Why the World Needs You To!

Last week, I learned that my best friend, Whitney Williams, was voted as the Best Acupuncturist in Western North Carolina by Mountain Xpress Magazine in Asheville. It’s a huge honor because with the Asheville area being so health conscious and inundated with holistic healers, there are a lot of acupuncturists in the region! In addition, her holistic healing center, Source for Well-Being, was also voted best in the region!

So our conversation went like this…

Whit: “Hey, Lee, guess what? I’ve got some pretty awesome news to share!”

Me: “Yeah, what is it?

Whit: “I just got voted Best Acupuncturist in WNC by Mountain Xpress in their annual awards!”

Me: “COOL! That is so awesome ---- congratulations! Woo hoo!!!! (slight pause while my brain shifts from just friend mode into coaching brain) What an awesome marketing opportunity! You’ve got to put up a sign in your reception area and post it on your website and send it out in your e-mail and post it on Facebook and Linked In and Twitter and send out a press release and and and …” (you can imagine my excitement!)

Whit: (silence) “Uh… I don’t think I can do that.”

Me: “WHAT?!”

Whitney, like many of the people that I coach and have as friends, is incredibly humble. She is highly gifted, has tremendous skill and has a decade long track record to prove it. But she hates to market herself. She doesn’t like to toot her own horn. She’s uncomfortable doing so. She’s happy just knowing she got this kind of award but doesn’t feel the need to share it.

Let me tell you 5 reasons why she MUST share this information with the world.

The #1 reason is because … her clients need it! Her clients want to know that they are going to “The Best Acupuncturist” in their area! It will make them happy, make them proud of her (because of course they all adore her!) and increase their confidence that they are getting top quality health care.

The #2 reason is because… there are people who are sick out there who need her help! They might be looking for an acupuncturist but don’t know who to turn to. But then they read about “The Best Acupuncturist” and they think “gosh, maybe I’ll finally pick up the phone and make an appointment!”

The #3 reason is because… her team needs it! Whitney heads up an incredible group of holistic healing practitioners in a business called Source for Wellbeing. She has a team of excellent professionals offering healing services from massage therapy to chiropractic to naturopathic healing. She has a few administrative folks that she treasures who help her keep the machine well-oiled. Those folks need to know it because they want to feel good about where they are working! They want to know they are affiliated with “The Best Acupuncturist” and work at "The Best Holistic Health Center". And they need to spread the word to their clients in case one of them is seeking additional healing support.

The #4 reason is because… her daughter needs it! Hailey is like a niece to me – I love her to pieces - and she is eleven years old. She just started middle school and is at that stage in life where she is trying to figure out who she is in the world and what matters in life. Whitney has been a single mom for the past six years since Hailey’s Dad died and Hailey needs to know that women can be super successful in the professional world. Hailey may see that at home but when there’s some external validation, it may help her see her mom in a new light.

The #5 reason is because… her business needs it! Getting awards and recognition is part of building your reputation and your track record as a successful business owner. Every time you are interviewed in a magazine, newspaper or on TV, you need to share it with your clients. When you read someone’s bio and see they were interviewed on Oprah or CNN or The Today Show, don’t you think “wow, she must be really good!”

Whether the recognition is local, regional or national, it’s fair game to share the news with the world. You don’t have to be obnoxious about it. State the facts in a newsletter going out to your client base. Post the award in your front office where people can see it. Write a short note on Facebook and Linked In… “I am delighted and honored to receive this award. Thanks to my clients and supporters for having confidence and faith in me!”

I'm happy to report, now that the news has sunk in, Whitney and her team at Source for Well Being are joyfully sharing the news with their clients. And the world - at least Western North Carolina! - will be better for it! Huge Congratulations to you, my dear friend Whitney, and all of your amazing folks at Source!!!


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    Tooting Your Own Horn - Why the World Needs You To! - Blog - Elizabeth Barbour - Speaking, Coaching & Retreats
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    Tooting Your Own Horn - Why the World Needs You To! - Blog - Elizabeth Barbour - Speaking, Coaching & Retreats
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    Tooting Your Own Horn - Why the World Needs You To! - Blog - Elizabeth Barbour - Speaking, Coaching & Retreats
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    Tooting Your Own Horn - Why the World Needs You To! - Blog - Elizabeth Barbour - Speaking, Coaching & Retreats
  • Response
    Tooting Your Own Horn - Why the World Needs You To! - Blog - Elizabeth Barbour - Speaking, Coaching & Retreats
  • Response
    Tooting Your Own Horn - Why the World Needs You To! - Blog - Elizabeth Barbour - Speaking, Coaching & Retreats
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    Tooting Your Own Horn - Why the World Needs You To! - Blog - Elizabeth Barbour - The Revitalized Business Woman
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