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Elizabeth Barbour, M. Ed.
The Revitalized Business Woman
Missouri City (Houston), Texas

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Meet Elizabeth

I am a passionate advocate for smart, sustainable self care - especially for women who are juggling the demands of career, family and life.

I've been a business coach, professional speaker and retreat leader for 18 years. (Woo hoo!) It is my personal mission to light a fire under busy professionals inspiring them to make self care an integral part of their plan for success - in both business and in life.

As a result, they find themselves moving from Tired to Inspired - revitalized and ready to achieve their goals and more. (I used to be tired, now I'm inspired... I get it. I really do.)

Self care is more than a lofty concept for me, it's a way of life. I've faced some of life's most complex and challenging situations... marriage (twice) and divorce (only once, thankfully), the death of my Dad, helping my mom fight and beat stage IV cancer, infertility (and years and years of treatment), starting my business, moving (I've moved 12 times in 25 years!), chronic illness, adopting our daughter and finally becoming a parent and more... and I've learned the hard way how essential self care is to maintaining balance, energy... and sanity.

I'm a graduate of the College of William and Mary, and hold a Masters Degree in Counseling from the University of Delaware and received my coach training from CoachU. I spent the first ten years of my career working in higher education administration before taking the joyful leap to becoming an entrepreneur. I've never looked back!

I love working with teams. The dynamic energy is the best. I'm a Certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator facilitator, a Certified Retreat Coach, and a Certified Group Coaching Leader.

I live near Houston, Texas with my sweet hubby and hilariously creative daughter and two fat and happy orange kitties. I dance zumba (badly! - seriously, my teacher picks on me in class (lovingly, of course)), read novels with my book club and play dress up with my Roo who is a blast and a half.

Fun Facts:

In 1999, I (an adoptee) was happily reunited with my birthmother, birthfather and 11 brothers and sisters. Wow!

In 2011, we adopted our daughter, Riley, and are in an open adoption with her birthmother. Cool!

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"Elizabeth has been a catalyst in making my life abundant. I have the highest regard for her knowledge, intuitive nature, and presence in my life. She helped me break free from fear and living a life of social conformity and helped me take life by the horns and make my DREAMS a reality. After a few months of working with this amazing woman, I traveled across the country for months and have been living my bucket list to the fullest."

Michelle Ledbetter -