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Elizabeth Barbour, M. Ed.
The Revitalized Business Woman
Missouri City (Houston), Texas

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Letter from Elizabeth

They call me "The Revitalized Business Woman".


Because most women I know are burning the candle at both ends. 

They’re raising children, caring for elderly parents, volunteering in their community, holding down demanding jobs.

They’re stressed out, burned out and give, give and give some more until there is nothing left and they are running on fumes.

They are tired. Not just tired. Exhausted. And many of them are stuck on the hamster wheel and can’t get off.

Sound familiar?

If you want to get inspired, I can help. Inspiration is good, but it's not enough.

But I’m also going to give you practical strategies and  smart self care solutions that you can apply to your busy life today.

You’ll learn to decrease stress, focus your priorities, claim your voice and regain some order, balance and yes, sanity(!) in your life.

Sound good?

Let's get revitalized!


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